The Voices In Our Heads seeks submissions from any current SHRHS student in grades 9-12. 

We accept 
  • poetry and fiction no longer then three pages. 
  • works of art including photographs, sketches, paintings, etc 
Submissions may be personally handed to Mr. Bay Pedersen. Digital copies of works are also accepted. 

Written works may be submitted as Word documents or shared via Google Docs. Works submitted electronically should be saved as your name_title

Please share or email submissions to or

We ask that any artworks submitted digitally be saved as JPEGS with a photo quality of at least 300dpi. 

All submission must be school appropriate. Graphic depictions of violence, foul language, and other inappropriate content will not  be considered for publication. 

All submission are considered by the student editorial staff and  reviewed by staff advisors and school administration prior to publication.

Inconsistencies in spelling, punctuation and other minor grammatical errors will be corrected at the liberty of the editors.