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Welcome to Ward's Biology on Google Sites, your classroom away from the classroom. Find your class page on the left and click on it.  What assignment is due by the next class?  You can find that in our class Google Calendar.  Did you forget to take home your textbook?  Click on the image of your textbook and you can access your online textbook and all of  its resources with your own username and password.   Need to review class notes or print a worksheet at home?  You can find all of our class resources for a chapter or unit in your Class Documents page.  Remember to check Google Classroom for assignments and video lessons, your other great classroom resource.  If you want to keep up to date on new science news follow me on Twitter@shrbioteach or want to follow some interesting nature organizations on instagram follow me as shrbioteach.  


Twitter isn't just for the rich and famous.  Twitter connects us to what is going on in the world and with each other.  Follow me @shrbioteach to see who I am following and you might just learn something new!

No matter the platform of your mobile device, you can stay up to date on your assignment and project due dates with Google Calendar.  

Need to study those key terms?  Use Quizlet to make your own flashcards or look for our class set of flashcards on my account,  shrbioteach.  Click on the quizlet icon above to get there.

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