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South Hunterdon Regional High School Athletics Philosophy

Interscholastic sports should not be considered an end in themselves; but rather, an integral part of the overall educational process which seeks to develop the alert, responsible well-informed and well-adjusted citizen.
The aim of athletics at South Hunterdon Regional High School is to develop the wholesome attitudes toward the school program, teams, participants and officials, to develop the qualities of loyalty, unselfishness, responsibility, cooperation, citizenship, leadership and sportsmanship; to compete successfully in a sportsmanlike manner and to encourage the growth of the moral, healthy, self-disciplined student athletes.


South Hunterdon Regional High School Athletics Policy

South Hunterdon Regional High School  athletic activities are the direct responsibility of the Board of Education.  This responsibility has been delegated to the Principal and through him/her to the staff.
The Supervisor of Athletics is appointed by the Board of Education with the recommendation of the Superintendent.  He/she is responsible for the administration of the entire athletic program.
The coaching staff is appointed by the Board of Education with the recommendation of the Superintendent and Supervisor of athletics.  They are responsible for carrying out the athletic program.
The Interscholastic Program of the South Hunterdon Regional High School District is based upon the premise that athletics are an integral part of the educational process of the total school program.  The program shall be administered in accordance with the constitution and bylaws of the N.J.S.I.A.A. and the Skyland Conference and the Hunterdon/Warrren Athletic Association.




Coaches:  Parents and student-athletes can expect that their coaches, of the South Hunterdon Regional HS & MS Cross Country teams and the HS Track and Field teams are; knowledgeable and passionate about coaching the sport, use evidence-based training to develop student-athletes in the sport, are dedicated to honoring South Hunterdon Regional High School’s athletics philosophy as stated above, and demonstrate the highest level of responsibility in leading and encouraging student-athletes to be the best representatives of South Hunterdon Regional High School athletics. The coaching staff understands that a student-athlete’s mission is to be a student first and that the role of athletics is to build character and instill dedication and commitment to their team throughout their seasons in our XC & TF program.


The coach’s responsibility is to prepare rigorous and challenging practices so that student-athletes develop strength and fitness to be at their best in races and events. 

Coaches encourage communication and ask that any questions or concerns be addressed to them by the parents via  email or personal contact after practice or during school hours.



Scott Ward (Boys & Girls HS XC and TF Head Coach)


School: (609) 397-2060 ext 1104

Cell: (856) 229-4070



Parents:  Parents are vital to the success of the cross country & track and field program and can support their son/daughter in a variety of ways. 


Preparedness: Participation in XC&TF does not require much equipment, but it is essential that the equipment purchased is of good quality for the safety of the student-athlete. Each student-athlete should be outfitted with a good pair of running shoes (trainers), competition footwear (track spikes, distance spikes, throwing shoe, etc.), exercise clothes that allow for good mobility, warmups (weather-dependent), and a digital watch (GPS preferred) with a stop watch feature.


The XC & TF team has a “spike night” at the start of the season at a local running store in Princeton that will offer discounts on spikes and apparel.


The coaches will communicate the practice and meet schedule in advance to the parents and ask in return that parents understand that the XC & TF team should be high on the priority list during the season. Every athlete is vital to the success of the team and when even one is missing from a meet, it can have detrimental effects towards team goals.


The coaches will also do their best to ensure that every student-athlete has an opportunity to compete in a meet for varsity points, but ask that the parents understand that track events and XC meets are limited in entry number and it is not possible to enter every student-athlete in every meet. Parents can support their son/daughter best by encouraging them to be versatile and to practice/compete in events that coaches see as their strengths.



Student-athletes must recognize that the primary reason for attending school is to become a responsible citizen and educated person. The student-athlete must always prioritize his/her academics first and then prioritize time spent at practice and meets.


Student- athletes must always conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, to best represent themselves, their team, their school, and their family.


Student-athletes must adhere to all rules set forth in the student handbook.


Student-athletes must strive to reach the upper limits of his/her individual athletic potential.


Student-athletes will respect the authority and decisions of their coaches and communicate any questions or concerns in a mature manner. Coaches ask that all concerns please be brought to their immediate attention first.


It is the expectation of the XC & TF program, both at the MS & HS level, that student-athletes participate in all practices and meets, follow all rules set forth by the school, the Athletic Department as well as their individual coaches, and conduct themselves in an exemplary manner at all times.  Those who do not will be subject to appropriate discipline.  The following are basic guidelines for conduct and expectations of the cross country and track & field teams.

Team Policies


Any and all injuries should immediately be brought to the coaches’ attention. If needed, the student-athlete will be sent to Mrs. Somma, our athletic trainer, where she will evaluate the student-athlete’s condition and how to proceed.


All doctor’s notes (whether pertaining to an injury or other cause) must be brought to the school nurse, Mrs. Somma, and to the head coach.  If the student-athlete’s doctor prescribes rest from an injury, the student-athlete will be expected to work on rehabbing with Mrs. Somma during practice time and helping their coach for the remainder of practice.  Injured student-athletes will are expected to travel with the team during meets. 


All absences from a practice or meet MUST be documented with a note from a parent and accompanied with a Doctor’s note, when due to illness or injury.


1. Unexcused absences from practice- All undocumented absences are considered UNEXCUSED.  The consequences of unexcused absences will be:

·         One (1) unexcused absence will result in missing 1 track event at the next track meet or will result in missing the next conference XC meet.

·         Two (2) unexcused absences will result in missing the next scheduled track or the next XC meet, conference or invitational.

·         Three (3) unexcused absences will result in a one-week suspension from team.

·         Four (4) unexcused absences will result in a two-week suspension from team. 

·         Five (5) unexcused absences will result in danger of dismissal from the team.



2.  Excused absences-  are the following (all must be documented):

·         Injury or illness confirmed by a doctor

·         Medical or dental appointments confirmed by doctor’s note

·         Absent from school or other obligation (SATs, college visits, familial

      obligations) WITH note in advance

·         Extra Help from teachers WITH note upon return 



3.  Any athlete absent the day before a meet will not be allowed to participate in that meet, including an excused or documented illness.






Varsity student-athletes are expected at all practices and meets, including those scheduled during the times when school is not in session.  Student-athletes should notify their coach, with a parent note, at least one week prior to the expected absence It is expected, however, that no student-athlete will be absent from meets.  As a general rule if a meet is missed, the student-athlete will miss the next scheduled meet upon their return. 



Practice starts at: 3:00 PM on school days for XC and TF and Saturday practices start at; 9 AM for pre-season and in-season XC , 10 AM for TF in March and 9 AM in April and in May. If practice time is changed parents and student-athletes will be give advanced notice.


All team members will meet in room A104 before the start of XC or TF practice for a team meeting on school days.


Tardy is defined as not being at the appointed practice location at the appointed start time. The consequences for being tardy are:

  • One (1), the first tardy for practice will result in a verbal warning. 
  • Two (2), on the second tardy to practice you will not practice with the team, and it will be counted as an unexcused absence. 
  • Three (3) On the third tardy and beyond the Athletic Director will be notified and participation in the next contest/meet may be withheld.


Excused tardiness requires notification 24 hours in advance to the Head Coach and is defined as:

    1. Academic help or make-up tests/quizzes, confirmed by a note from the teacher.
    2. Medical or dental appointments confirmed by doctor’s note.
    3. Other academic or extra-curricular obligations (ie. club meetings, field trips) with 24-hours’ notice and a note from the teacher/advisor upon return.

Early Dismissal

Students requiring early dismissal from practice must notify the Head Coach with 24 hours in advance with a note from their parent. Non-compliance with this will be considered an unexcused absence.



Meet Schedule



General Information

  • Conference and non-conference meets are held during the school week and Relays/Invitationals/State meets are held on weekends.  All student-athletes are required to attend all meets and competitions.
  • Meet schedules and times will be posted on the team website and on the online athletics schedule.  If  a time or location is not posted on the athletics schedule please contact the head coach for the meet time or location.
  • All student-athletes must notify the head coach with a note at least one week in advance if they know they will not be able to attend a scheduled meet. (Excused absences for sickness and emergencies that result in athletes not being present for meets will be dealt with on an individual basis)
  • Any student athlete that signs into school AFTER 10:40 AM will not be permitted to participate in an athletic contest or practice that same day (Friday will determine Saturday's eligibility)



  • Student-athletes will meet at the announced time on the day of a meet, outside the locker rooms for away meets or at the starting line for XC meets.
  • Tardy is defined as not being at the correct location at the appointed start time in proper uniform.
  • If a student-athlete misses the bus for a meet, they will not compete in that meet. 


Early Dismissal

  • All student-athletes are required to ride the team bus home from all meets. If a circumstance arises that the student-athlete needs to be dismissed from riding on the team bus, a parent or guardian must submit a request no later than 24 hours in advance.  That request must be submitted online http://www.shrhs.portal.rschooltoday.com/page/2872/5 .
  • Noncompliance will result in the participant returning to the school on the team bus.
  • Student-athletes are not permitted to leave a home/away meet early, even if their event is over.  Any early dismissal requires a parent note 24 hours in advance 
  • 1st time leaving early, without a note in advance, will result in Athletic Director notification and possible forfeit of participation in the next scheduled meet.   


Unexcused Absence from a Meet


First Violation - The student-athlete will not participate in the next meet. 


Second Violation - The student-athlete will be suspended from the team for a period of time determined by the head coach and Athletic Director.  Whenever a student-athlete is prohibiting from playing due to a rules infraction the Athletic Director must be notified.






Since athletic contests, practices or meets, are a school function a student-athlete involved in any violation of school rules will be subject to the same discipline as if they were in school or on a field trip.





Cross Country Varsity Letter Criteria

High school cross country runners will earn points towards the awarding of a varsity letter.  The point system has been designed to instill; summer team running, responsibility in logging summer runs in Google Drive, achieving personal 5k records, organizing team events, participating in fundraising activities, daily training in-season (start of the school year), and representing the cross country program in a manner deserving  of a varsity letter.  From the start of our 1st spring XC practice in June, our high school cross country runners will have over 50 scheduled runs through the start of the school year in September.  Runs will gradually increase in volume and frequency over the course of the summer in preparation for 6 days of running per week.   The goal of our summer running program is to prepare our high school cross country runners for the demands of a 12 week in-season schedule.  Along with an intensive varsity cross country training program comes opportunities to provide leadership, promote South running, and contributing to the success of South cross country.  The point system below will determine whether a high school cross country runner will be awarded a cross country varsity letter.


350 points needed to earn a varsity letter for the cross country season

Summer (preseason) Practice Run (mid June  -  end of August)   5   pts per run

Online Logging Summer Runs (Google Sheets)                                2   pts per logged run

In-season Training (per week)                                                             10 pts per week

Organizing Team Dinners                                                                     20 pts per event

Participation in fundraising                                                                  25 pts per fundraiser

Setting a 5k Personal Record in-season                                             10 pts per PR

Top 3 5k Finish                                                                                        25 pts @ any meet

* 5 points will be deducted from a high school cross country runner’s total points earned per unexcused absence in-season.  Refer to our South Hunterdon Regional High School XC & TF Team Rules.




Spring Track & Field Varsity Letter Criteria


For spring track and field , high school track and field student athletes will earn points towards the awarding of a varsity letter.  The point system has been designed to instill; participation in summer team workouts, outstanding attendance at in-season practices and meets, high level of performance at conference/invitational/state meets, dedication to the sport of track and field, commitment to team goals, meeting academic participation requirements, and be in good standing with the coaching staff .  The goal of our summer workout program is to maintain fitness and provide opportunities to work on technique.  Along with an intensive varsity in-season training program come opportunities to provide leadership, promote South track and field, and contribute to the success of South track and field.  The point system below will determine whether a high track and field student athlete will be awarded a varsity letter.




300 points needed to earn a varsity letter for spring track & field


Summer workouts                                                                                           5   pts per workout


Attendance to a summer T&F camp                                                           25 pts per camp


In-season Training (per week)                                                                   10 pts per week


Organizing Team Dinners                                                                              20 pts per event


Participating in Fundraising                                                                         10 pts per fundraiser


Setting a Personal Record (PR) in-season                                                10 pts per PR


Scoring minimum of 10 points for the season                                       25 pts                               


Reaching a performance standard (table below)                                 50 pts @ any meet


Advancing as individual/relay team per state meet                           50 pts per state meet                             


* 5 points will be deducted from high school track and field student athlete’s total points earned per unexcused absence in-season.  Refer to our South Hunterdon Regional High School XC & TF Team Rules for attendance expectations.




Spring Track & Field Performance Standard





100 M



200 M



400 M



800 M



1600 M



3200 M



110/100 M Hurdles



400 M Hurdles



Shot Put









Long Jump



Triple Jump



High Jump








South Hunterdon Regional HS
Cross Country / Track & Field

Team Rules

*Please Return to Coaches*

Cross Country / Track & Field Rules Agreement


We understand that I, the XC and/or Track & Field athlete, will be held accountable for knowing and abiding by the rules and regulations outlined in the attached sheets. We have read the attached rules and criteria for varsity letter awards and agree to abide by these rules and are aware of the consequences (up to and including dismissal from the team) if we choose not to do so. In signing, I have read, and understood and agree to the South Hunterdon Regional HS CROSS COUNTRY & TRACK & FIELD TEAM RULES.

Season: Cross Country / Track and Field


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Team Member Signature                                                                                             Parent/Guardian Signature


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