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Supply List

Supplies Needed for Kindergarten:

1.     3 FAT ELMER glue sticks (no liquid glue please)

2.    12 pack of SHARPENED #2 pencils (standard pencils please- no designs/colors)

3.    HARD plastic pencil box- standard size (label with name)

4.    3- 24 pack (no bigger) of regular size crayons (to be used later in the year)

5.    4 Black- FINE TIP EXPO Dry Erase Markers

6.    2- GREEN 2 pocket laminated folder

7.    1- RED 2 pocket laminated folder

8.    2- one subject spiral notebook (label with name)

9.    1” front view WHITE 3-ring binder

10. 2 large pink erasers

11.  Change of clothes (including underwear- please make sure that it fits inside of a gallon zip-lock baggie & label the baggie with your child’s name)

Items greatly appreciated for use in the classroom:

*Lysol cleaning wipes   *Tissues