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Kid Writing Tips

Kid Spelling Tips for Parents

"Kid-Spelling" also referred to as Invented spelling is phonics in use.  When kindergarten students use invented spelling, they discover phonics on their own.  When young children invent the spelling of words, they carefully analyze the words they want to write.  They listen for individual sounds in words, usually in the correct sequence. 

Invented spelling is a mirror into which a child looks to learn about words.  When an adult spells a word for a child, all the adult knows is that the child cannot spell that word.  When children are encouraged to write as best they can, the teacher or adult can see the stages of spelling development.  When five-year-olds write "pla" for "play," "sno" for "snow," etc.  we need to respond with,"Good writing!  I can read that!" (The Teacher's Guide to Building Blocks, pg114)

Please continue to support your child when writing and encourage them to use "kid-spelling."  Have them stretch the word so that they hear the individual sounds.  In our classroom we use rubber bands when stretching out the word- feel free to use this technique at home.