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Learning Websites

Reading and Writing

Reading Practice
Practice reading with this fun site! You will need to do some listening, so make sure your volume is on.

Sight Word Practice
Practice your sight words with this fun website!

Starfall Reading and Writing Website
Explore this website for a lot of very fun activities!

Read Between the Lions
Get wild about reading with games, stories, and videos.

Phonics World
Phonics World will help you practice your sounds and enhance your reading!

Word Family Practice
Practice your spelling words with these fun word sorts! The possibilities are endless!



Spelling City
Spelling City has so many ways to practice your spelling words. Try the different activities and games to have fun spelling! Just search my name and our spelling lists will be there for you to practice!

Spelling Word Search
Use this website to make a word search using your spelling words!

Spelling Bee
Choose the grade level to practice words. Spell your words to finish the story!

Spelling Wizard
Start by typing in 10 of your spelling words and then choose to either make a Scramble or Word Search (note: must have 10 words so you may need to type in the hardest ones twice). You will feel like a spelling wizard in no time!

Spin and Spell
You have many categories to choose from and will have a lot of fun with this spelling game!



This website has many games and activities to practice math skills. It is also very organized!

Fun 4 the Brain
Math games galore at this website that is really fun for the brain!

Math Playground
Play around with these fun math games!

Resources From Our Math Book
Check out the wonderful activities that support and extend the math lessons we are working on in class. You can access the math book online when you get to the site by clicking on "StudentWorks Plus Online." Then enter this access code: D709AB15E9

Math Cats
Come have fun with math with these cool cats!


Social Studies & Science

Time for Kids
Stay up to date with current events that are written just for kids!

This website is perfect for the curious first grader who wants to learn more about science!


More Great Sites

This website has a lot of fun and interactive games to practice math and language arts!

Check out the wonder of the day with this informative website!

Brain POP
Brain POP has great resources for math, language arts, science, and social studies.