Welcome to Kindergarten!  If you have any questions please feel free to email me at lynnsley.jameson@shrsd.org 

What's Happening in Kindergarten: September

*Letters of the Month: Cc & Oo

*Star Words of the Month:  I. can, we, the

*Themes: Responsive Classroom & All About Me

*Math Topics: Guided Discoveries of Math Manipulatives, numbers 0-5

*Science/Social Studies Topics-  Families, Classroom Rules & Routines, What is Science & What is a Scientist

What's Happening in Kindergarten: October

*Letters of the Month: Aa, Dd, Gg, Mm & Ll

*Star Words of the Month:  like, am, a, to, have, no, see, if & go

*Themes: Families, Friends

*Math Topics: numbers 0-5, numbers 6-10

*Science/Social Studies Topics-  Classroom Rules & Routines, Force & Motion, Pumpkin Exploration

What's Happening in Kindergarten: November

*Letters of the Month: Hj, Tt & Ii

*Star Words of the Month:  is, yes, play & are

*Themes: Food, Thanksgiving

*Math Topics: numbers 0-5, numbers 6-10

*Science/Social Studies Topics-  Leaf Exploration, A Big Wide World

What's Happening in Kindergarten: December

*Letters of the Month: Jj, Kk & Pp

*Star Words of the Month:  for, go, you, love & this

*Themes: Transportation, Holidays Around the World 

*Math Topics: Classifying & Using Data 

*Science/Social Studies Topics-  5 Senses

What's Happening in Kindergarten: January

*Letters of the Month: Ch, Uu, Bb, Rr

*Star Words of the Month:  do, what, and, on, said

*Themes: Animals, Neighborhood

*Math Topics: Addition & Subtraction

*Science/Social Studies Topics-  Animal Groups, Martin Luther King Jr., Community Helpers

What's Happening in Kindergarten: February

*Letters of the Month: Ff, Nn, Ee, Ss

*Star Words of the Month:  was, in, of, day, not, my

*Themes: Neighborhood, Weather

*Math Topics: addition and subtractions

*Science/Social Studies Topics-  Community Helpers, Weather

What's Happening in Kindergarten: March

*Letters of the Month: Sh, Th, Ww, Wh

*Star Words of the Month:  that, as, or, by, had, an

*Themes: Weather, Plants, Farm

*Math Topics: count numbers to 20, composing and decomposing numbers 11-19

*Science/Social Studies Topics-  Weather, Plants, Farm

What's Happening in Kindergarten: April

*Letters of the Month: Yy, Vv, Xx, Zz

*Star Words of the Month:  he, she, has, look, did, it, one, with

*Themes: Farm, Earth Day

*Math Topics: count numbers to 20, composing and decomposing numbers 11-19, Identify and Describe Shapes

*Science/Social Studies Topics-  Farm, Rocks & Soil

What's Happening in Kindergarten: May

*Letters of the Month: Qu

*Star Words of the Month:  they, from, all, how

*Themes: Amazing Creatures

*Math Topics: Analyze, compare and create shapes

*Science/Social Studies Topics-  Rocks & Soil, States of Matter (Solids, Liquids, Gas), Energy (Light, Heat & Shadows)

What's Happening in Kindergarten: June

*Letters of the Month: Review

*Star Words of the Month:  Review

*Themes: I know a lot

*Math Topics: Numbers to 100

*Science/Social Studies Topics- Family traditions, Sink and float

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