Second Grade

The instructional support in Second Grade has focused on a multi-sensory approach to learning spelling techniques combined with reading fluency and comprehension.  During our small group time together we work on fluency techniques, comprehension strategies, and spelling high frequency words.  Students work with reading material at his or her instructional level to practice comprehension techniques and fluency strategies.  We use fluency strategies such as multiple readings, timed readings and phrasing exercises.  Our comprehension strategies are selected to help students recall and summarize important information from text.

High Frequency Words/Red Words
Some pointers when working with your child on these words:
  • ask your child to show you how to "arm tap" these words: starting at the top of the arm child says each letter of the word and gradually spells the word tapping down the arm, when word is spelled child swipes down the arm and says the whole word...... "n" (tap), "o" (tap), "t" (tap)...."not" (swipe)
  • practice spelling words in the air
  • practice spelling words on whiteboards
  • use words in sentences