The instructional support in Kindergarten has focused on a multi-sensory approach to learning.  During our small group time together we work on identifying letter/sound relationships, blending letter sounds, proper handwriting techniques, and spelling high frequency words.  After working with each letter sound for a week, we move onto another letter sound but still continue to review and integrate learned sounds.  High frequency words are provided by the classroom teacher to support core instruction and practiced at each session.

Letter/Sound Relationships
Some pointers when working with your child on these sounds:
  • use the key words to practice the sounds: c-cat, o-octopus, a-apple and d-dog
  • remind your child to "clip the sounds" and not sing them
  • practice listening for the sounds in words like: 
    • c: cat, cut, cup, cot, cap, cop, cad, cod
    • o: octopus, odd, hop, hot, cot, cop
    • a: apple, ant, cap, cat, dad, sap
    • d: dog, dot, dad, dig, deep, down
  • go over the handwriting pages that come home weekly
High Frequency Words/Red Words
Some pointers when working with your child on these words:
  • practice spelling words in the air
  • practice spelling words on whiteboards
  • practice spelling words in shaving cream or bath crayons
  • practice spelling words in play-doh
  • use words in sentences