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Distance Learning Websites & Resources to Explore

You can explore the websites listed below and download the attached files for more resources.  Check back often for more to be added!

***March 30th-
Please see the "Musical Bingo" Activity listed below. Throughout the week I will be adding videos of the vocal concert musical accompaniment. 

K-6 Assignment: Getting to Know You Musically...Questionnaire (attached file below)
Directions: Ask a family member or caregiver the following questions. Record the answers and enjoy the opportunity to learn about their musical background and opinions! 

*Please continue to review your concert lyric sheets. Instrumental students in grades 4 through 6 and grade 3 recorders should continue working on the assignments that were posted last week. Again, please attempt to move forward in the recorder packet or lesson books. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me.

**Perhaps you can perform a concert for you family members!
All Kindergarten through Grade 6 Vocalists- Teach someone in your family a song or two from the concert program!

Check out the many web-sites that I have added courtesy of Our Friends from Music and Arts! There is something there for everyone!

If you're looking for something fun, try this-

Make Your Own Instrument at Home....

Below is pdf file containing hand signs that represent the notes of the musical scale. See if you can memorize the signs for 
Do- RE- Mi-Fa- Sol-La-Ti-Do. The musical hand signs are a way of communicating without sound! It is very similar to American Sign Language. Each sign represents a note of the Major Scale. Eventually, we can communicate whole songs by just using the hand signs.
Have fun!

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