4th, 5th, & 6th Grade Band

Grade 4:

Continue to review everything that we do in lessons. Please feel free to move ahead in the lesson book.
Flutes: If you haven't done yet, please make sure that you are learning E flat and F. Practice these five notes.
B flat, C, D, E flat, and F. 
*Remember- Practicing isn't always about playing your instrument. You can practice silently by simply reviewing the fingerings.

Grade 5 and 6

Please continue to practice the warm ups on page 40 and 42!
Please practice:
  • Band Room Riff
  • Blues Adventure on page 19
  • Eagle Summit March on page 17
  • Please feel free to explore the lesson book. Perhaps you will discover a ong that you would like to perform as a solo, duet, or small ensemble
*Clarinets: Please work in the notes B  through F in your lower register. Also, try to play the high B and C in the upper register.
If you get confused about any of the fingerings, there is a complete fingering chart in the back of the book.

*Saxophones: Please continue to work on your higher register. Remember that high D and above need the register key(Thumb)

*Flutes: Please work on High A and High B flat.

*Percussion: Please feel free to explore the lesson book, especially pages 40 and 42.