Home  My motto  - je pense donc je suis (it's French, cherie - go translate)

A  Artist, was my mom - is my brother - in - law.  He's a phenomenal director

R  Really really love Venice, and London, and Krakow and Hatteras (outer banks)

T  Teaching ( My favorite and 4th profession).  I'm never bored

H  Hannah is my darling daughter (another 'H"  - husband is from Poland)

A  Adam is my marvelous middle child, Janek is the opulent oldest

K  Krakow - I lived there and what an amazing medieval city!

U  Ubiquitously threading through our lives should reading, learning

     questioning and laughing be

B  Born in NC,Y’All but Lambertville is my true home.  How can you not love it?

I   inquisitive  - love the word, yet internalizing it is a life goal

K  Kind've think it's time to end this and move on to the rest of the site


Rapere ad scientiam - Seize the knowledge and let the knowledge seize you

Know what's, current new and happening with  Enrichment/Junior Great Books,

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Check out  GOOGLE CLASSROOM ( classroom.google.com)- Enrichment and Junior Great Books classes have their own  Google Classroom page where grades, comments, assignments, challenges and links that abound can be found - Puzzled? Ask your SHRSD Enrichment/JGB Student for their login info

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Science Olympiad Info  (Event Descriptions) can be found here Science Olympiad Events 2019

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