Home  My motto  - je pense donc je suis (it's French, cherie - go translate)

A  Artist, was my mom - is my brother - in - law.  He's a phenomenal director

R  Really really love Venice, and London, and Krakow and Hatteras (outer banks)

T  Teaching ( My favorite and 4th profession).  I'm never bored

H  Hannah is my darling daughter (another 'H"  - husband is from Poland)

A  Adam is my marvelous middle child, Janek is the opulent oldest

K  Krakow - I lived there and what an amazing medieval city!

U  Ubiquitously threading through our lives should reading, learning

     questioning and laughing be

B  Born in NC,Y’All but Lambertville is my true home.  How can you not love it?

I   inquisitive  - love the word, yet internalizing it is a life goal

K  Kind've think it's time to end this and move on to the rest of the site


Rapere ad scientiam - Seize the knowledge and let the knowledge seize you

Know what's, current new and happening with Library, Enrichment, Junior Great Books,

Technology, Science Olympiad, and the Stars of West Amwell (i.e., the Talent Show

pages will be updated as the events approach ). 

Be a Wildcat in the Know

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